A warn welcome to Sawadee Thai Restaurant. The restaurant is located in St. James Street, the gateway to the Kemptown area of Brighton, it is just one street back from the seafront and Brighton pier. Here you will experience the flavors and the excellent services from our acknowledged staff.

Our food is freshly cooked by our highly experienced chefs using the finest quality ingredients and prepared to the very highest standard of authentic Thai cuisine. We hope that everyone will be satisfied with the wide range of dishes, whether your preference is for mild, medium, spicy or very spicy, just let us know how you would like your meal prepared.

Opening Hours

Monday  16:00-22:00

Tuesday  16:00-22:00

Wednesday  16:00-22:00

Thursday  16:00-22:00

Friday  13:00-22:00

Saturday : 13:00-22:00

Sunday : 13:00-22:00


Please call or order food in the restaurant for your delicious meal

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On website or email: [email protected]

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